• cad red | MJ Torrecamp
  • Hothead | Jager Palrad
  • Contagious Disquiet | Anthony Mancuso
  • Turtle Island | Nicole Dikon
  • Tsinelas | MJ Torrecamp
  • Swimming Quietly | Nicole Dikon
  • Inclining Disposition | Anthony Mancuso
  • push:pull | MJ Torrecamp
  • Concrete Comprehension | Nicole Dikon
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GMA members are the lifeblood of the Tupelo arts community, sustaining the museum and, in turn, the community’s focus on high-quality visual art and arts education. Without our members, we would be unable to provide the numerous events, exhibits and classes that strengthen Tupelo.


Opening Reception – State of Flux

“State of Flux,” an exhibit of three artists from Central Florida University who are working with local artist Ke Francis at Hoop Snake Press in Tupelo will be on display through October 15, 2016 at Gumtree Museum of Art.

22 Sep