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GMA members are the lifeblood of the Tupelo arts community, sustaining the museum and, in turn, the community’s focus on high-quality visual art and arts education. Without our members, we would be unable to provide the numerous events, exhibits and classes that strengthen Tupelo.

We Love GMA Members

Gumtree Memberships make up 30 percent of our operating funds, which is why members are invited to all opening receptions, events and educational opportunities. Members also receive discounts throughout the year on artwork, workshops and merchandise.

As a member, you get free entry to the museum year-round, along with other tiered membership benefits.

Membership Impact

The Gumtree Museum of Art provides approximately eight shows a year, with opening receptions for each of those exhibits. The museum offers educational opportunities to community youth throughout the year and provides the largest exhibit of area public school art in the spring. The two shows that make up this public schools art showcase bring an estimated 3,500 people into the museum and into downtown Tupelo.

Membership Form (.pdf)