“Way too Many Hands of God, up Close”

Lujan Perez Hernandez

State of Flux

Sep 20-Oct 25, 2016

Shanna Stiles | LujÁn PÉrez  Hernandez| Corin Robidoux

“State of Flux,” an exhibit of three artists from Central Florida University who are working with local artist Ke Francis at Hoop Snake Press in Tupelo, will be on display through October 15, 2016, at Gumtree Museum of Art.

Hoopsnake Press was founded by Ke Francis in 1970 at the studios located at 1249 North Coley Road in Tupelo, Mississippi. At that time the press facility consisted only of a Charles Brand etching press and technical facilities to print small scale etchings and woodcuts. The press operation slowly expanded to include typecasting equipment, large etching and relief printing presses, and two letterpresses to handle the design, illustration and printing of books. In 1996 the press moved to research space at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, where it established a collaborative publishing venture with Flying Horse Press, the fine art press established by the university art department. Ke Francis became director of this press, which came to be known as Flying Horse Editions, and Ke and Mary Francis continued to publish under the Hoopsnake logo from 1996-2014.  Ke, his daughter Kerry, and Mary agreed to revamp the Tupelo facilities and combine the presses and resources from both locations at the original Tupelo studio in 2014. Currently the print and book-publishing projects, exhibitions and archiving efforts of the press are administered by Ke, Mary, and Kerry Francis.

The Hoopsnake Press Associate Artists are a group of talented young artists whose artistic interests and aesthetic concerns parallel the mission of the press. They are skilled  professionals with unique personal visions.  I am pleased the Gum Tree Museum has offered them the opportunity to display their artworks to the community.


Ke Francis

Artist, Hoopsnake Press

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"Floating Head” | Lujan Perez Hernandez -Collaboration with Ke Francis

“Buscando Entendimientos”Lujan Perez Hernandez

The work I make is influenced by the constant uncertainty of my idea of a psychological and physical home. I find myself in a habitual state of pursuit to unravel these questions, finding solace in the people that I meet and objects I collect along the way. Self portraiture has become a big part of my work as another means of examination of this travel.

1991 Madrid, Spain

"Nimrod-Bloom" | Corin Robidoux

Nimrod Affection

Corin Robidoux

In my work I offer alternate narratives for established mythology. I intend for my images to appear as vignettes of these narratives. While the stories derive from myths, their connection to my own experiences grants me a personal catharsis. It is my hope that the gods, devils, and pawns I depict are seen with empathy, and in turn offer the same to the viewer.


After growing up across the U.S, Corin Robidoux completed his BFA at University of Central Florida. He currently lives in Tupelo, MS, and works in association with Hoopsnake Press.

"Departure" | Shanna Stiles


Shanna Stiles

I explore the moments in my life that impacted my awareness of the world around me. Largely, these moments come from nature. My work becomes a reflection of the places I have experienced and the desire to paint and share these connections with others. The paintings explore the edges of transience an

d permanence. I aim to question the boundaries of light and darkness; comfort and despair; confusion and clarity; the infinite and the finite. Thus, this becomes an enigmatic space between psyche and the realities of the outside world.



Shanna Stiles is a contemporary landscape painter who resides in a lakeside studio nestled in the woods of the Ocala National forest. She graduated Magna Cum Laude Honors from the University of Central Florida where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting and a minor in Psychology.

“Way too Many Hands of God II” | Lujan Perez Hernandez


“The Things We Cling To” | Shanna Stiles


“Azazel” | Corin Robidoux


"Both Hands in Flames Trying to Hold the Fire Inside" | Lujan Perez Hernandez


"Axe in the Wood" | Shanna Stiles


"Only Rows of Crows" | Corin Robidoux