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MS Painters Society

The purpose of our society is to provide opportunities and awareness of the two-dimensional visual arts.  Specifically, the visual arts as they pertain to oil, watercolor and acrylic painting, as well as the art of the pastel, pen & ink, pencil drawings and similar mediums.

Mississippi Arts Commission

The Mississippi Arts Commission features professional artists who demonstrate mastery of the artistic discipline and quality of work;  capacity for demonstrating or interpreting the artistic discipline or tradition; history of successful performances/presentations and touring capability; and quality of promotional materials or ability to develop materials for presenter use.

Mississippi Visual Arts Directory

This site provides a regularly updated resource on the visual arts across Mississippi. Included is information on Mississippi-based visual artists (such as painters, sculptors and photographers) and craftspeople as well as descriptions of Mississippi galleries, museums and cultural centers. The site is maintained by the Mississippi Arts Commission.

Hoop Snake Press

Hoopsnake Press was founded by Ke Francis in 1970 at the studios located at 1249 North Coley Road in Tupelo, Mississippi. At that time the press facility consisted only of a Charles Brand etching press and technical facilities to print small scale etchings and woodcuts. The press operation slowly expanded to include typecasting equipment, large etching and relief printing presses, and two letterpresses to handle the design, illustration and printing of books.

Coastal Flora Painters

 Pat Abernathy, Susie Ranager, and Billie Bourgeois, draw inspiration for their artwork through their own personal gardens and floral arrangements.

Joe Macgown

Joe A. MacGown is a Mississippi artist who creates chaotic assemblages of strange mutated creatures, crowded surreal landscapes, and mandala-like designs that reflect his thoughts and observations of life on this planet. Using imaginative imagery and random patterns, he produces detailed drawings and mixed media paintings by simply allowing ideas to “flow out of his head” using a method he describes as “Subconscious Meandering.”

Greely Myatt

Greely Myatt was born in Mississippi. He currently lives and works in Memphis, Tennessee, where he is Professor of Art at The University of Memphis. His sculptures and installations have been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions across the United States, Europe and Japan. He has received grants and fellowships from the Tennessee Arts Commission, The University of Memphis, The University of Georgia, Alternate Roots, Atlanta, and received the Mississippi Arts and Letters Visual Arts Award in 1994.



Paul Thorn