Pentamerous archeypes inside

Joe MacGown

“The Subconscious Visions of Joe Macgown”

January 24th - March 24th 2017

"Subconscious Meanderings" Joe MacGown is a scientific illustrator and assistant curator of the Mississippi State University Entomological Museum. Since he was a child he has had a knack for imagining the obscure, and nature was his greatest muse. Born in Maine, he moved to Mississippi at the age of ten, and since has developed an artistic emphasis on "semi-strange" pen and ink drawings derived from his love of nature. His artwork has been in exhibits around the world, from Meridian, to Amsterdam, to Chicago, and France. Join us on January 25th at 5:30pm for a reception in honor of Joe MacGown and this exhibit!   Awards/Events
  • First Place "Cotton District Arts Festival Juried Art Competition" with "Board of Alderman" Starkville, MS 2016
  • Primary Finalist in the "International Online Energy Art Salon Competition" in Chicago, IL 2009
  • Awarded artist's minigrant from the Mississippi Arts Commission 2008
  • Energy Art Movement group exhibition at Sunrise Gallery in Ontario, Canada, 2009
  • International Surrealism Now - group exhibition in Coimbra, Portugal 2016
  • The Omnia Scroll Exhibition II, San Dona di Piave, Venice, Italy
International Groups
  • Co-Administrator of "The Antipodes Project"
  • Board Member of the International Imaginative Artists Association
  • Member/Administrator of Visionary Art: The Visionary Art Tribe
  • Member of the "Energy Art Movement" International artist group